Launching August 22nd at Noon EST

Launching August 22nd at Noon EST


The Story

The Stratos Aerospace Lab (S.A.L.) is a STEM educational program created by Stratos Aviation to encourage and promote aviation and aerospace engineering development for the creative mind to the next generation of aviation professionals.

All products created and brought to life through S.A.L.are marketed through the Stratos Aviation social entrepreneurial initiative where profits are redistributed as education grants to students pursuing STEM related studies in aviation and aerospace in both Canada and the United States. Students directly involved in the development and creation of a market worthy product are awarded full* education grants.

The Student

The Stratos Aerospace Lab is the brainchild of Shoushi A.Bakarian, a Syrian-Armenian refugee born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. Shoushi spent studying grades 11 and 12 in a city that had no electricity or running water, yet it didn’t stop her from exceling in her studies. In early 2016, her family was granted refugee status in Canada, where she immediately enrolled in Aerospace Engineering at ConcordiaUniversity in Montreal, Canada. Stratos Aviation is honored to have discovered this humble gem whose dedication to promote STEM education to the next generation is commendable. Shoushi is a model to follow for today’s youth and embodies all the values Stratos Aviation and S.A.L stand for. She is now a permanent member of Stratos Aviation, a member of the board of directors and coordinator of the Stratos Aerospace Lab.

The Product – Ventus

S.A.L. is very proud to bring to market its first product, designed and tested by Shoushi Bakarian and tested in flight by Naor Cohen,pilot and director at Stratos Aviation. Ventus, is a 5V USB power generator and cooling system designed specifically for the Cessna 150, 152, 172, 180, 182 class of airplanes using clean and renewable energy; air. Its simple design and ease to use in the aircraft, without any modifications or installations required, makes it accessible to all pilots, aircraft owners and operators.

How does Ventus work and what does it do?

Ventus produces energy by using the air flow that enters the venting system to turn a fan blade that was designed for Ventus which turns a micro turbine and finaly produces a 5V current.

Ventus uses pure science and precise angulation to create the perfect venturi. Air, when rushed through a venturi, will naturally decrease its temperature due to the increase of pressure at the tip of the “cone”.  Ventus will decrease the ambient temperature by 3-5 degrees Celcius,depending on the speed of the aircraft and outside air temperature.